Dave Hamilton on Bloomberg TV at 5pm EDT, John Martellaro Meets Tech Night Owl

Dave Hamilton will be appearing on Bloomberg TV later today at 5pm EDT (and again at 9pm EDT) talking Apple, earnings, and the future with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg's "Taking Stock with Pimm Fox" later today. Tune in and enjoy!


John Martellaro recently chatted with the Tech Night Owl's Gene Steinberg and talked about Microsoft's dismal Surface tablet sales and a corresponding US$900 million write down.

John also talked about how Apple has transitioned from an underdog warrior in the desktop/notebook OS/PC wars to a consumer electronics giant and whether the passion for Apple and its gear is perhaps less than it used to be. Along those lines, he briefly discussed his interview with OWC's president Larry O'Connor and his thoughts on Apple's new Mac Pro announcement. All this and more, just download today and it's yours.