John Martellaro Sizes Up iPad Pro and Tim Cook on Tech Night Owl

John Martellaro, Senior Editor for Analysis & Reviews at The Mac Observer, will be a guest on The Tech Night Owl LIVE with Gene Steinberg, Saturday night, December 14 on GCN Radio. He'll talk about the silly idea that Apple and Microsoft should merge in a few years, why Microosft's Surface tablet is failing and why the iPad Air is a "whole new experience," the possibilities for a 13-inch iPad Pro and potential new tablet markets, and why Tim Cook doesn't really need to entertain us in those keynotes. Finally, he'll deliver a few of his fearless predictions (actually wishes) for Apple in 2014.

Also, noted editor and commentator Jim Dalrymple, Editor in Chief of The Loop, who will focus on some of those silly media stories about Apple, such as chronic misunderstandings of the reason for Microsoft's $150 million 1997 investment, and one analyst's statement that Apple and Microsoft might merge. He also covers the future possibilities for the Apple TV and the rumored iWatch.

The Tech Night Owl airs Saturday nights on GCN Radio from 9 PM to midnight Central Time. You can also listen with a free iOS app or, if you must, Android. 


For those who missed the radio show, here's the permanent URL for the podcast.