John Martellaro Speaks Out on Tech Night Owl

John Martellaro, Senior Editor Analysis & Reviews for The Mac Observer and a contributor to The Street critiqued a New York Times article that he and the Tech Night Owl's Gene Steinberg think masqueraded as a balanced story but was actually a hit piece. John also talked about why Apple doesn't need new hardware when the company already has the display space completely covered starting with iPhones, then iPads and going all the way up to Macs.

Also John and Gene discussed the disconnect between what happened at the Apple WWDC 2014 keynote and how some journalists mis-interpreted the presentation.

Also on the show was one of John's heroes, Computerworld's "Apple Holic," Jonny Evans, who amongst other things, covered some of the features in Apple's OS X 10.10 Yosemite that you may not have known about.

It's always a lively show, so come listen in. The permanent URL for the podcast is "NOW PLAYING! June 22, 2014 — John Martellaro and Jonny Evans."