John Martellaro Talks Apple and UHDTV on Tech Night Owl LIVE

Appearing this week on the Tech Night Owl LIVE is John Martellaro, the irrepressible Senior Editor for Analysis & Reviews at The Mac Observer and a columnist for The Street. John discusses why Apple may be letting a few things fall through the cracks, such as the recent late and decidedly mediocre update to the Mac mini, Apple's tardiness in updating its display line and more.

John also talks about his personal experiences with Apple Pay, his views about Ultra HDTV (4K), and why analyst estimates of potential Apple Watch sales are not only wrong, but the whole estimation process is broken.

Moderator Gene Steinberg is also joined by commentator Rob Pegoraro who writes for USA Today as well as Yahoo Tech. Rob discusses what we might expect from a future Apple TV, the possibilities for UHDTV and the ins and outs of net neutrality.

This December 6 edition is now available for your listening pleasure. Also, there is now an ad-free, higher resolution version, the Tech Night Owl+ available by subscription.