John F. Braun and PC Versus Mac on MacJury

The Mac Observer columnist and Mac Geek Gab co-host, John F. Braun, joined host Chuck Joiner to talk about Microsoft’s new Web page touting the benefits of Windows-based PCs of the Mac in the second part of a special two-part MacJury.

Other MacJury panel members included John Welch and Peter Cohen from Angry Mac Bastards, along with Tim Robertson from OWC Radio and MacMouseCall’s Pat Fauquet.

The panel examined each of the focused areas, including Having Fun, Simplicity, Working Hard, Sharing, Compatibility, and Choice, as well as the page’s Top 10 Reasons section and the many flavors of Windows. Legitimate points are recognized, false information called out, the contrived Twitter feed is laid out for all to see, and the overall delivery and message of the site are considered.

MacJury episode 1019 is available as a free download at the MacJury Web site.