John F. Braun Discusses Microsoft’s New PC Campaign on MacJury

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The Mac Observer columnist and Mac Geek Gab co-host, John F. Braun, joined MacJury host Chuck Joiner to talk about Microsoft’s new Web page touting the benefits of Windows-based PCs of the Mac.

Other MacJury panel members included John Welch and Peter Cohen from Angry Mac Bastards, along with Tim Robertson from OWC Radio and MacMouseCall’s Pat Fauquet.

The panel examined each of the focused areas, including Having Fun, Simplicity, Working Hard, Sharing, Compatibility, and Choice, as well as the page’s Top 10 Reasons section and the many flavors of Windows. Legitimate points are recognized, false information called out, the contrived Twitter feed is laid out for all to see, and the overall delivery and message of the site are considered.

MacJury episode 1018 is available as a free download at the MacJury Web site.

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Your arguments for Windows were lame. Color choice being one the worst. Dell has several colors now and look at what’s happened to them.
Let’s go back to the basics here. Blu-ray player okay, but its not supported out of the box, you need to buy software to make it work.
Now lets get on with the real facts.
Windows 7 comes with no email program, no calendar, no movies, no pictures, no web programs. Oh and there’s another point to make. Which version of Windows 7, basic, basic plus, basic plus plus, premium, super premium, Ultimate, super duper ultimate.
With just Windows 7 basic you get an operating system and that’s about it. Worthless to say the least.
OSX there are no basic forms, only the ultimate form or Server. And Server version you only have to pay for it once, unlike Windows which you have to pay a subscription yearly that will suck your bank account dry.
Then there’s still the security issue, Windows 7 is still vulnerable to viruses and spyware and malware and take over threats.
OSX has none of this, and to date nothing in the wild that has cost companies BILLIONS of dollars to eradicate either unlike Windows.
Choice on a Mac maybe limited but all the features of every Mac are not basic but the same with full applications, full unlimited OS features unlike Windows. Upgrade price for Snow Leopard $30, Windows with the same features $400!!!!!!!
OSX can run all Windows programs, Windows can’t run Mac programs.
Mac sales have been at record levels and keep climbing, PC sales have fallen off a cliff. Why? Windows, that’s why. Unsafe, annoying, crashing, virus infected, slow Windows.

I think I’ve made my point. Windows still sucks!
And that’s why Mac sales keep climbing, because people have started to figure that out. And if they need to run a Windows program here or there, they can on there Mac. Knowing they can always switch back to OSX and be safe.


Please this whole world of Mac vs PC is getting a bit tiring, especially a whole audio bit on a marketing toss up(throw up?)

Maybe what would be more interesting is why in the world MS wants more then 90% of the world. Or if Apple had 90% of the world what would their marketing look like and say.

But to go back and forth about stupid points coming out of MS, what a waste. I would devote your time on what Apple needs to improve on. Like what are they doing in the store about Mac repairs. They have had my Mac for 12 days and only work on computers left there but 4 hrs a day. Something has gone completely wrong here.


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