John Martellaro Chats About Life at Apple

At Tech Night Owl LIVE, hosted by Gene Steinberg, Senior Editor John Martellaro, of The Mac Observer, reminisced abut life at Apple and his first meeting with Steve Jobs in the room. John also discussed the challenges and opportunities for Apple in the world of living room television. Apple building its own branded HDTV is beginning to look smarter and smarter.

Also on the show, leading off, Mr. Steinberg explored the dark side of Google with Ben Edelman, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor of Harvard Business School, who has been covering the search giant’s alleged missteps for a number of years.

In other coverage, The Tech Night Owl continued to examine the curious problems author and commentator Kirk McElhearn encountered with his 2011 27-inch iMac.

You can hear it all at The Tech Night Owl LIVE, September 3rd edition.