John Martellaro Chats with NPR’s Bob Garfield

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Last week, John Martellaro chatted with NPR's Bob Garfield, host of On The Media, about John's TMO article regarding an apparent WSJ controlled leak.

NPR was intrigued by John's guess that the Wall Street Journal may have worked, directly or indirectly, with Apple to leak some controlled, managed information about the rumored Apple tablet.

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The Interview, which was posted Friday night, can be downloaded as an MP3 file from On The Media at NPR. Click below the story thumbnail (shown above.)

John explained that he's written many articles about life at Apple and didn't understand why this particular one raised such a ruckus.



John Dingler

Hi TMO Staff,
I may know why; The angle of this story is Apple’s apparent duplicity. On the one hand, it says it makes no comment on unannounced products while, on the other, it appears to leak some comments on unannounced products when it wants to. So, does it or does it not comment on unannounced products?

NPR is outraged that a non-NPR company may be better at duplicity than NPR itself, and that only non-NPR media can be duplicitous and get away with it. You see, NPR is corporate sponsored, hence patriotic, yet seems to promote itself as publicly owned because it solicits money from subscribers, hence seditious. Which is it, is it corporate or public? Oh my.

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