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The Mac Observer’s John Martellaro joined host Chuck Joiner on MacVoicesTV to talk about the introduction of the iPad 2 and why he’s not as excited about the new model as some other people are.

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John and Chuck talk about why John wasn’t as wowed with the iPad 2 as he would have liked, why he was disappointed, but will buy an iPad 2 anyway, and the many and varied comments that have been directed his way after his TMO article discussing his disappointment.

MacVoicesTV episode 1153 is available as a free download at the MacVoicesTV Web site.

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At first I wasn’t too taken with JM’s view on the iPad2 but I may do a bit of a wiggle on my questioning. It’s not the specs I am concerned with but the flexibility or versatility of the OS for data entry and manipulation. Cut and paste seeming a bit crimped would be an example. Not giving away the family jewels so they won’t be copied I understand but businesses are flocking to the iPad and need some of these text entry features.

We may not see an iPad 3 until next year but updates to the OS could easily be made to keep the copycat desperadoes at bay and confused, Sumo style. It could be a balancing act with a feature here, a feature there. I am sure Apple has enough goodies sitting on the back shelf to rattle the rabble. This is guerilla warfare and Apple owns the field.


Episode 1153 does not seem available.


I can understand that there’s not a lot on the iPad2 that would make someone who already owns an iPad to trade up.  However I think that’s a testament to the quality of the original iPad.  Apple has made a lot of incremental improvements to the iPad line with the 2nd edition iPad, but nothing revolutionary. 

And when you look at the features that people want from their iPad, they usually fall into 2 categories: doesn’t fall into Apple’s way of doing things (ex. built-in USB port) or something software-related and not hardware (iTunes library on the cloud).

Personally I’m far more excited about the iOS 4.3 than the iPad2.  The latter is great and I’ll probably get one, but that’s because we’re ready to add another iPad to the family, not replace the one we’ve got.  In the meantime, allowing the iPad to access iTunes home sharing is something I wanted right when our first iPad got connected to my home network.  Bringing back the rotation lock is great (yeah, it should never had left in the first place) and I can’t wait for more apps to support AirPlay. 

In fact, 2011 will be more the year for AirPlay than the year for iPad2.


Very good point Substance. My sister just returned from the States and had bought the first iPad 32gb a week ago but had tossed the box so won’t be able to exchange for the 2.

But she doesn’t want a camera anyway and the rest meets her needs. I believe most with the first won’t feel abused about the product update and that is good. Android people are going to feel left out as I am sure they are probably buying orphans and if that persists, it won’t bode well for the brand.

The iOS updates is the point. The guts are good enough to support updates for quite a while, I believe. That is also probably why Apple isn’t adding a digit after the name.

I guess that is the difference between original design and copy.

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