John Martellaro Talks DIRECTV and Android Malware

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At Tech Night Owl LIVE, hosted by Gene Steinberg, TMO Senior Editor John Martellaro talked about his recent debacle with DIRECTV and contrasted its business practices to Apple’s. He also chatted with Mr. Steinberg about his recent investigation of Android Malware.

On DIRECTV, Mr. Martellaro noted how difficult it is to upgrade the DVR hardware with enthusiasm, an apparent weakness in DIRECTV’s business model. That’s something that could come into play as increasing rumors of Apple’s entry into the TV business swirl. Also, Mr. Steinberg wanted to hear more on Martellaro’s investigative article about Android malware.

Also on the show was a Peter Cohen, Executive Editor of The Loop and author Kirk McElhearn. They, along with Mr. Martellaro, had plenty to say about Apple’s new iTunes Match.

You can hear it all at The Tech Night Owl LIVE, November 26th edition.

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