John Martellaro Talks iMac on MacJury

The Mac Observer's Senior Editor for Analysis and Reviews, John Martellaro, joined MacJury host Chuck Joiner and several other Apple industry luminaries to discuss the new i7-based iMac and Apple's rumored tablet computer.

Other MacJury panel members included Pat Fauquet from Dr. Mac Consulting (with Bob LeVitus), Victor Cajiao host of Typical Mac User and Mark Fuccio, Senior Director with Data Robotics, Inc.

The MacJury crew agreed that the new i7 powered 27-inch iMac is a game changer. (John's recent editorial got the discussion going.)  It might even be a nose under the tent of the HDTV industry in preparation for even bigger diaplays.  The role of the Apple TV as a stop-gap protector of Apple's flank was also discussed.  Then the group went on to discuss the rumored Apple tablet, the Lala acquisition, Apple's new data center, and what it all means for Apple customers and competitors like the Joojoo and Archos tablets.

Each MacJury show features a different panel of personalities from the Mac universe in a freewheeling discussion that will interest Mac users of all expertise and experience levels.

Show # 920 is now live and can be either streamed or downloaded as an MP3.