John Martellaro Talks iPhone 4 with Marketplace & TechNightOwl

Last week, our senior editor John Martellaro talked about the iPhone 4 antenna issue and Apple’s press conference with both Bob Moon with APM’s Marketplace and Gene Steinberg with the TechNightOwl.

Bob Moon with American Public Media’s Marketplace wondered if Apple was really sorry about the iPhone 4 antenna issues and spoke with several industry analysts, including our John Martellaro. The audio feed is now available.

Gene Steinberg with the TechNightOwl interviewed Mr. Martellaro both before and after the press conference to see how his predictions turned out. Also on that broadcast was Daniel Eran Dilger from Roughly Drafted and Robb Moore, CEO of ioSafe.

Mr. Martellaro predicted that Apple would opt for a non-conductive coating to be applied by Apple to the sensitive spot on the left side of the iPhone 4, but as we now know, Apple opted for bumpers and cases instead.