John Martellaro Talks to the BBC about Apple’s Future

The BBC, in a video commentary on Wednesday, asks the question: “Can Apple Prosper Without Steve Jobs?” David Grossman, BBC Business Correspondent interviewed several writers who follow Apple, including TMO’s Senior Editor John Martellaro.

Mr. Grossman covered how Apple is able to create so much excitement, indeed hype, over new products, how Apple struggled before Steve Jobs returned, Apple’s appeal to customers who want to be seen to make the right technology decision, graphics hipsters, Steve Jobs’s uncanny ability to predict what customers need, how long Apple can continue to lead if Steve Jobs retires, the impact of Android, and Apple stock after the events of Tuesday.

John Martellaro

John joined CNET writer Jason Jenkins and writer Bill Thompson and appears at 2:46 into the 4:19 minute segment to talk about Apple’s prospects in a possible future without Mr. Jobs.

An editing snafu confused John, at first, with Mr. Jenkins, but was corrected later.