Jon Rubinstein gets New Gig as Bridgewater Co-CEO

Jon Rubinstein, the man who was in charge of the original iPod development and launch, has a new job as co-CEO of the hedge fund firm Bridgewater Associates. He is replacing Greg Jensen who is transitioning into handling investments for the firm.

Jon Rubinstein during his time at HPJon Rubinstein during his time at HP
(Image courtesy GlobalX)

Bridgewater Associates is a US$169 billion hedge fund firm, according to Business Insider. The company is in the midst of a multi-year management transition plan from a single leader to a leadership group. 

The firm told clients, "For a number of years, we have been transitioning from an entrepreneurial firm run by its founder to an institution run by many capable people."

Mr. Rubinstein has a long history with Apple. He came to the company along with Steve Jobs when Apple bought NeXT where he served as the hardware engineering lead. At Apple he was senior vice president of hardware, and was in charge of the team creating the first iPod.

After leaving Apple, he was CEO of the personal digital assistant and smartphone maker Palm, and continued on with the company after it was purchased by Hewlett Packard. HP eventually killed off Palm, so he moved on to become senior vice president of Product Innovation for the Personal Systems Group.

He also serves on the board of directors for Amazon and Qualcomm, and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Mr. Rubinstein will start his new job in a few weeks, and even though it's outside his usual technology-focused world, Bridgewater thinks he'll be a good fit. "Technology is pervasively important at Bridgewater, especially since one of our major strategic initiatives in the coming years is to continue building out the systemized decision-making that has been so successful in our investment area," the company said.