Jorno Shows Off Folding Bluetooth Keyboard at CES

LAS VEGAS — Portable Bluetooth keyboards can help make typing on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad easier, and Jorno is hoping it can improve the mobile typing experience even more by adding a built-in stand that’s sturdy enough to hold an iPad. The company showed off it’s foldable keyboard at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

The Jorno keyboard is about 8.5-inches wide when unfolded and it’s keys are about half the size of standard keyboards. When folded, it shrinks down to under four inches across and a little over an inch thick, which is small enough to fit in your carry on bag without taking up to much space.

Jorno’s Blutooth keyboard with built-in iPhone and iPad stand

The company was showing off a prototype model at the show, so there wasn’t any way to tell just how much it weighs, but the company expects shipping units to clock in under nine ounces.

Since Jorno designed its keyboard with Mac users in mind, it includes the familiar Command key, so you can take advantage of keyboard shortcuts just like full-size keyboards.

The keyboard includes a built-in lithium ion battery that Jorno says will run for about a month with regular usage — which we assume probably doesn’t include the kind of typing that happens at trade shows and expos. It recharges, however, via a standard micro USB connector, so you won’t have to carry an extra cable just to keep the keyboard juiced up.

Jorno plans to release the keyboard early in 2011 for US$99, or $79 for pre-orders.