Judge Allows Apple & Samsung to Add More Products to Patent Suit

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Apple in CourtU.S. Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal ruled on Thursday that Apple and Samsung can pile on the products in a patent infringement suit between the two companies. According to Bloomberg, Apple will be adding the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Galaxy S III, and devices that run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, while Samsung gets to add Apple's iPhone 5 to its own infringement claims.

The suit is being fought in U.S. District Court, Northern District of California in San Jose, the same court where Apple won a $1.05 billion damage verdict against Samsung in a separate patent infringement case this summer. While that case is wending its way through the appeals process, the two combatants continue to fight other cases, including the one being presided over by Judge Grewal.

To that end, a Samsung representative recently said it had no intention of even negotiating with Apple, let alone settling. This, despite the billion dollar damage award it faces, courts and regulatory bodies the world over growing over Samsung's attempts to use standards essential patents to gain import bans, and the reality that fellow Android OEM HTC settled with Apple.

Accordingly, the case under Judge Grewal continues apace, only it's now bigger and includes more shipping products.

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Well of course that they allow this! I bet that those judges have at least one Apple or Samsung product and they are really enjoy it. My friend works at Tucson Computer Support and he told me that he rarely sees products from these brands because they are really good and they don’t crack that easily. I am an Apple fan and i couldn’t be more happy when i hear this news.


I had a feeling that something like this would happen. Most of the time big firms like apple or samsung get away with everything. I personally believe in competition and that it’s a healthy and productive way of getting better technology at cheaper prices. I’m just curious to see when a big company will need the services of someone like me, as I’m an Bankruptcy Attorney Columbus Ohio and I really need more work. I guess it’s O.K. for the little fellow to get burned… and others to prosper.

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