Judge Could Put Apple v. Samsung Lawsuit On Hold

Apple vs. SamsungJudge Lucy Koh could put Apple's patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung on hold. That case is wending its way through the labyrinthine post-trial process, and Judge Koh asked the two parties for their thoughts on whether or not to place the case on hold while Apple pursues a separate appeals court case.

According to Reuters, Judge Koh told the parties, "I just don't know if we really need two cases on this." She believes there may be enough overlap between the two cases that any resolution in the appeals case could cover both cases.

Apple's lawyer said that he believes the cases should proceed in parallel, and that there were substantial differences between the two cases. Apple won a US$1.05 billion jury verdict in the case before Judge Koh last year, and the company has an exceedingly vested interest in seeing the case proceed on its own merits.

Samsung, on the other hand, thought the idea of putting the case on hold was splendid. The Korean company's attorney said there was substantial overlap between the two cases, even though they cover different patents.

Judge Koh wants the attorneys to discuss the idea, and ordered them to report their positions to the court by March 7th.

Reuters also noted that Judge Koh asked if settlement talks between the two firms had "gone anywhere." Not too surprisingly, Apple's attorney said that there had been no progress or change on that front.

Apple has sued Samsung in multiple venues throughout the world accusing the company of slavishly copying Apple's patented inventions. The company won a sweeping victory in the case before Judge Koh, but Samsung is vigorously fighting that verdict.