Judge to Apple, Samsung: Play by My Rules

Judge Lucy Koh gave Apple and Samsung clear instructions on filings for post-trial hearings in their mobile device patent infringement case, and neither followed the rules. The result: She rejected both company's filings and told them to refile and work by her rules.

Judge questions Apple & Samsung lawyer's ability to countJudge questions Apple & Samsung lawyer's ability to count

The Judge had limited Samsung to no more than 35 pages in its filing opposing the ruling that it willfully infringed on several of Apple's patents, and limited Apple to a 15 page response. Since both companies chose to disregard her instructions, Judge Koh tossed out their filings and gave them until Friday to resubmit, according to Macworld.

Judge Koh stated,

Despite this clear direction, both parties submitted voluminous documents with their post-trial motions. The Court plans to strike from the record all of the material submitted in violation of the Court's Order.

Apple won a big victory in its patent fight with Samsung this fall when a Jury ruled that Samsung willfully infringed on Apple's patents while also ruling that Apple wasn't infringing on Samsung's. The Jury also awarded Apple over US$1 billion in damages.

Samsung is fighting the ruling and even argued Jury misconduct by claiming the foreman had ties to Seagate, which is now a strategic partner with the electronics maker. Apple's legal team said they had no idea the foreman, Velvin Hogan, could be linked to Seagate or Samsung, and Mr. Hogan denied the misconduct claims.

Neither company seemed to take Judge Koh's page length restriction on post-trial filings seriously, so now both have only a couple days to revise their documents. Judge Koh, however, made her rules very clear and is ready to stand by them, saying "The page limits set forth herein will be strictly enforced."