Judge Asks if Apple Attorneys Are Smoking Crack

Continuing to be frustrated at Apple and Samsung attorneys, Judge Lucy Koh told an Apple attorney that he had to be smoking crack if he thought he could get through a list of rebuttal witnesses in the time allotment the company has left. While the attorney insisted he had smoked no crack, he also insisted that he could get through 22 witnesses fast enough.

Crack Kills

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Judge Koh has been iron fisted about how long the trial will last, giving both sides a specific allotment of time. Apple finished presenting its case earlier this week, while Samsung finished arguing Thursday afternoon. Apple will have the opportunity to present rebuttal witnesses in the next phase of the trial, which is what Judge Koh was tense about.

Apple’s list of 22 rebuttal witnesses combined with objections from both sides about each others actions added up to some 75 new pages of court filings.

“Unless you are smoking crack you know these witnesses are [not] going to be called,” Judge Koh said, according to AllThingsD.

Apple attorney Bill Lee denied using the drug in question, saying, “First, I am not smoking crack, I can promise you that.”

He said that his team had timed the testimony in question and could get through most of those witnesses in the remaining hours they had.

Judge Koh wasn’t having it, however, saying, “We’re wasting the jury’s time. You are being unreasonable.” She added, “Come on, come on. This is ridiculous.”

This drew an effort at apology by Mr. Lee, who said that his team would waive some of its objections, and added, “We didn’t mean to burden the court.”

Judge Koh still wasn’t having it, exclaiming, “What are you talking about you don’t want to burden the court?” She again held up the 75 pages of new documents that were actually filed by both parties, and not just Apple, that she believes argued to the contrary.

According to The Verge, Apple then agreed to pare down its rebuttal list.

We would like to remind our readers that crack kills.

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