Judge Limits Exhibits in Apple, Samsung Patent Lawsuit

Apple and Samsung won’t be able to overwhelm the court with exhibits in their patent infringement lawsuit in July because Judge Lucy Koh is limiting both companies to a maximum of 125 exhibits each.

Following questions from Apple and Samsung’s legal teams about what they can present during the jury trial, Judge Koh responded, “It’s going to be 125 exhibits per side. That’s it, no more,” according to CIO.

Apple and Samsung now limited on exhibits in trialApple and Samsung now limited on exhibits in trial

Judge Koh is hoping the restriction keeps both Apple and Samsung focused on their strongest arguments. Both sides have been trimming down their complaints in an effort to help streamline court proceedings with Samsung most recently dropping another complaint from its International Trade Commission filing.

Court ordered negotiations between the two companies fell apart, too, ensuring both sides would find themselves in front of Judge Koh for a jury trial.

Apple and Samsung have been involved in a year-long patent infringement battle in courts around the world over allegations that each side is using mobile patents without proper licensing. At one point Apple’s attorneys claimed in court that Samsung has been “slavishly” copying the iPhone and iPad designs.