Jules Verne’s Secrets of the Mysterious Island, Other Titles Hit App Store

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Chillingo on Thursday released Jules Verne’s Secrets of the Mysterious Island for iPhone, leading a quartet of new App Store games.

Jules Verne’s Secrets of the Mysterious Island (US$6.99) is a 3D adventure game set 150 years after the events of the pioneering sci-fi author’s 1875 novel The Mysterious Island, which was a sequel to his books 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and In Search of the Castaways. The player controls the character Mina and her monkey Jep, who each possess unique abilities that allow them to do the right things to help solve puzzles.

Other new games include HandyGames’ puzzle title infeCCt ($9.99), which features over 300 levels, 10tons’ urban rope-swinging game Rope Raider ($0.99 until Nov. 15), and Full Control’s 3D turn-based strategy game Monster Ball ($0.99), which the publisher describes as “checkers on steroids.”


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