Juniper Readies Software to Improve Cell Carrier Networks

Network equipment vendor Juniper Networks is planning to unveil software it says will greatly improve network performance for cell carrier networks. Dow Jones Newswire reported that Juniper will unveil the software that allows carriers to automatically prioritize traffic at next week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

According to Dow Jones, Juniper's software will, "divert nonessential mobile traffic, optimize the network to improve the delivery of video and ease the way to upgrade to next-generation wireless technology."

The company is doing so in part due to the network performance troubles that have been brought to light and highlighted by the success of the iPhone on AT&T's network, and the problems that AT&T has had in its most densely populated markets.

"What was a convenience is turning into frustration with the experience," Kim Perdikou, general manager of Juniper's infrastructure products group, said about smartphones to Dow Jones. "You need to be able to deliver, or you'll get a customer rebellion on your hands."

If adopted by AT&T and other carriers, it could allow them to stay ahead of the increasing data demands of the growing smartphone market.

Juniper Networks is also working on a broader project it calls Project Falcon which includes a mix of hardware and software that would allow wireless networks to move up to 70% of their data traffic to existing landline infrastructure, which would also allow the carriers to do more with what they already have.