Jury: Apple Not Infringing on Alcatel-Lucent Video Patents

A U.S. Federal Court Jury in San Diego ruled that Apple and LG Electronics did not infringe on Alcatel-Lucent patents covering video compression technology. The company had been hoping to win US$1723 million in damages from Apple and another $9.1 million from LG Electronics.

Jury says Apple ins't infringing on Alcatel-Lucent video compression patentsAlcatel-Lucent claimed the iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook models infringed on three of its patents, and that LG's Chocolate Touch VX8575, Bliss UX700, Touch AX8575, Lotus Elite LX610, Mystique UN610 and Samba LG8575 infringed on two. Both Apple and LG claimed they already paid appropriate licensing fees through an industry-wide "pay-as-you-go" pool, according to Bloomberg.

The trial began on November 27 with Alcatel-Lucent attorney Frederick Long stating, "Apple and LG have chosen not to license these patents while 33 other companies have paid over $190 million for these licenses."

He added that Motorola paid $18 million to license the same patents, and that "Apple sells four times the number of infringing products that Motorola does."

Apple's attorney Juanita Brooks said she was pleased with the Jury's ruling. Alcatel-Lucent and LG Electronics representatives has not commented.