Jury Says Apple didn't Infringe on Core Wireless Patents in $100M Lawsuit

Core Wireless lost its fight against Apple over claims the iPhone and iPad maker infringed on wireless technology patents it bought from Nokia. The company was hoping to win US$100 million in the case, but instead was left empty handed. Salt in the wound: Core Wireless lost in Federal Court in Tyler Texas, which is known for favoring patent holders.

Texas jury says Apple didn't infringe on Core Wireless patentsTexas jury says Apple didn't infringe on Core Wireless patents

Core Wireless, now owned by Conversant, launched its lawsuit in 2012 with accusations that Apple was infringing on 12 of its patents. That was later dropped down to five. The company said the wireless data transmission technology used in the iPhone and iPad were covered by its patents and that Apple needed to pay licensing fees for past and future products.

The jury in the case, however, didn't agree and shot down the Core Wireless case. Instead of walking away with a big win, Core Wireless has only bill from its legal team to show for its efforts.

The loss will make it more difficult for the company to bring similar lawsuits against other companies because future defendants will use this verdict in their arguments.

Apple may have won the case, but didn't get everything it asked for. The jury didn't go along with Apple's argument that Core Wireless was required to offer fair and non-discriminatory licensing terms for its patents because they're industry essential.

Apple's patent infringement dance card has been full lately. Late in February a Texas court ordered the company to pay $532.9 million in damages to Smartflash for infringing on the data download and sync technology in iTunes, and was hit with an infringement lawsuit by Ericsson after the two companies failed to renew a licensing agreement.

[Thanks to Reuters for the heads up]