JustWatch: TV Guide For Streaming Services

Cord cutters—those who have cancelled cable subscriptions in favor of other entertainment—have a new source of information: JustWatch. Debuting on Friday, this site shows what is available from a variety of streaming sources. From the site:

See all movies available on JustWatch with just one glance. You can filter by streaming providers with monthly subscription services like Netflix, Hulu+ and Amazon Prime Instant Video or find out where you can rent or purchase a movie for download on services like iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, etc. Use the advanced filters like genres, release year, etc. to find your favorite movies faster.

Services and search on the JustWatch websiteServices and search on the JustWatch website.

So if you're looking to watch a movie (TV shows are coming), this is a handy way to track down where to watch it. Cable subscriber or no, if you have access to a variety of sources like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and iTunes, now you can find out which service has what you want with one search.

Right now the site is brand new, but a number of features being worked on are coming soon. Unfortunately the site is only for US and German listings at the moment. Again, since it's new, more countries are likely on the way (Brazil is mentioned on the front page as coming soon).