KansasFest 2009: 20 Years of Focusing on the Apple II

While Apple hasn't sold a computer named after itself since 1993, when the Apple II series was finally discontinued, KansasFest has focused on the system for the past 20 years and will do so again this July 21 through 26. Keynote speaker Jason Scott will kick off the proceedings; he is webmaster of textfiles.com and directed the film "BBS: The Documentary."

The convention will also include a workshop explaining how to build an Apple I clone, the HackFest programming challenge, and a discussion of current Mac games that were influenced by Apple II classics. Not everything will have a retro flavor, however: Rob Walch of the "Today in iPhone" podcast will be on hand to discussion iPhone OS 3.0. Attendees are also encouraged to set up their own sessions and talk about topics that interest them.