Karelia Releases Sandvox 2.5 for Website Creation

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Karelia released a major new update to its website creation tool, Sandvox, today. Version 2.5 introduces a new slide show object and support for Lion-specific features.

Support for Lion includes Resume, Autosave, Versions and Fullscreen mode.

Sandvox 2.5

Karelia said, “Now for the first time, website creators using Sandvox can present collections of photography or graphic images as a slide show, by simply dragging and dropping them onto a new Slide Show object, with options for timing, transitions and caption control adjustable in the Object inspector.”

Websites created using Sandvox 2 automatically support the latest HTML5 web standard. The Mac app is currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese.

Sandvox is regularly priced at US$79.99 and is available from Karelia Software or through the Mac App Store. The Sandvox 2.5 update is available as of today free of charge for any registered owner of Sandvox 2. Registered owners of Sandvox 1.x are eligible to upgrade for US$49.99 directly from Karelia Software. “Household licenses” are available.

Sandvox is a Mac only app and requires at least OS X 10.5.



Really… Use RapidWeaver or better yet, WordPress. The days of software like this are OVER.


“Over” seems a little bit harsh. I just had to change my web tool and rebuild my site from scratch. I looked at all the sub-$100 packages and ended up going with RapidWeaver. I seriously looked at Sandvox but went elsewhere only because there were a few features in RapidWeaver I liked better. Sandvox though was a solid second.


Why RapidWeaver over Sandvox, and then why WordPress over RapidWeaver?

I am looking for a program RIGHT NOW and need to make the choice between those 3. I was going with RapidWear since WordPress seems to be more for blogs than all-around websites.

Do either of these have multiple-admin capabilities for the websites so that more than one person can update them?


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