KavaServices 4.1 Adds File Management Tools to Snow Leopard's Services Menu

KavaSoft announced Tuesday the release of KavaServices 4.1, an update to the Services menu addon for Snow Leopard. KavaServices adds a variety of useful tools to the Services menu, and the update adds some file management tools to the mix.

The Services menu is an often-overlooked item in the application pulldown menu in Mac OS X. It gives the user access to various tools in Mac OS X like the dictionary, or an option to make selected text into a Stickies item, etc. KavaServices greatly expands these options to allow the user to translate, search the web, encode for HTML, calculate, convert units, sort, change case, execute commands, and more.

With version 4.1, users can also move and copy files to favorite folders. It comes with several favorites (Applications, Movies, Documents, etc.), and the user can define additional folders.

The update is free to registered owners of version 4.x, and the full version is priced at US$25. Version 4.x of KavaServices is for Snow Leopard only. The company still has available version 3.2.2 for both Tiger and Leopard.

KavaServices Screenshot
KavaServices Screenshot