KavaSoft 3 Releases iConquer 3 for Mac OS X

KavaSoft announced Friday the release of iConquer 3, the company's game of world conquest for Mac OS X. The game has been updated for 64-bit Snow Leopard, has a new interface, and allows up to 6 people to play via the Internet.

KavaSoft has also developed various computer opponents, each with its own personality, and the game can be played on twenty different maps, including several high-resolution satellite world maps, the states of the United States, the countries of Europe, the cantons of Switzerland, and even the Solar System.

There is also a new plugin system called iConquer Plug-In Kit 3.0 for developers to make their own maps and player plugins.

For people wanting to play the game at work, the game includes a hot-key disguise that will mask the game as a spreadsheet.

iConquer 3 is priced at US$25, and is available as a 10-game trial.

iConquer 3 Screenshot
iConquer 3 Screenshot