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Keeping track of what time it is around the world can be something of a pain in the backside, but makes it simple, and the price is right since it's free. Not only that, but it helps keep us on schedule when we're dealing with appointments that cross continents as well as time zones. makes sorting out times in different locations makes sorting out times in different locations easy is a website that does its magic without requiring you to download any apps, which means it works equally well on your iPhone, iPad, and desktop or laptop computer. You tell the website the location you need to know the time for, and it shows not only what time it is, but also the date, sunrise and sunset times, and the local time in several cities around the world.
It's especially handy if you have, say, a podcasting schedule that's set in a different country. Not that I've ever had that problem. OK, fine, after the DST time change I was completely incapable of sorting out when I podcast with my U.K. friends on The BIG Show without a little help from
[Thanks to Johnny Winter for turning me on to]