Kelly Guimont Witnesses Penghazi on MacBreak Weekly

Kelly Guimont appeared on this week's episode of MacBreak Weekly, over on TWiT TV. This is a show hosted by Leo LaPorte, which records live on Tuesday afternoons. Kelly spoke with Leo, Rene Ritchie of iMore, and Andy Ihnatko of the Chicago Sun Times about a variety of news items from throughout the week, and also witnessed the disaster that is Samsung’s stylus in action.

In particular, one news item stood out: Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 has been taking some heat. Not just for having a stylus, but for having a stylus that WILL fit in the slot both ways, even though one way is correct and the other way just gets it stuck and renders the whole thing basically useless. It's newsworthy because Samsung's official stance on the issue is, in short, Read The Friendly Manual (or RTFM). You can start from the beginning if you like, but you can see the interesting bit of this discussion, now dubbed #penghazi, below: