Kelly's Alternate Holiday Tunes

It's December, which means holiday music is playing everywhere. And by holiday music, I mean the same five songs by the same ten artists. Since I view Die Hard as a holiday classic, you may imagine my taste in Christmas music is equally interesting, so I thought I'd share my December soundtrack with you.

We'll kick things off with one of my favorites, Baby It's Cold Outside (Hoth Version) by Seattle artist Kirby Krackle with my favorite local duo The Doubleclicks. In its original form this is a creepy song, but the Hoth version is a treat.

If you like a good Star Wars Christmas song (as opposed to all those slightly less than good ones), also check out Sorry, Wrong Star from my favorite local trio The Doubleclicks. This is the story of three wise men who end up following…well, I won't give away the ending.

Other songs in high rotation for the last month in Kellville include Merry Christmas From The Family by Robert Earl Keen, and Suzy Snowflake, the Rosemary Clooney diddy covered by Soul Coughing. And of course no Christmas is complete without a stack of Muppet songs, but my current favorite is from the album they did with Cee-Lo Green a couple of years ago, called All I Need Is Love. I still have A Green And Red Christmas and A Christmas Together in the mix, but this song is barely edging out the others right now.

For those who don't feel quite so festive, there's always Stephen Colbert's Cold Cold Christmas, (from the chorus: Now I want a cold cold Christmas, to go with your cold cold heart) for the lovelorn. If it's just Christmas that bugs you we have Eric Idle with F*** Christmas (obvious warning: salty language). If you are over all the December shenanigans (which is likely since it seems like they started in mid-July), you can sing along, or you can always try This Holiday Season aka Christmas Sucks, a song by a band called Porn Orchard doing their best Tom Waits and Peter Murphy impersonations.

Should you want more, I have a stack of them stashed over at 8tracks, in volumes one and two

If you have any holiday songs that you want to share, please leave them below. I'm always on the hunt for more holiday treats!