KennettNet Introduces Clarus Pet Management for the Mac

| Product News

Kennett Software announced the immediate availability of Clarus 1.0 for the Mac on Friday. Clarus is a pet management application that tracks important data and records for your furry -- or scaled -- friends.

Clarus can track veterinarian records, insurance documents, expenses, and tracks events such as vet visit dates and medication doses and due dates. The application is AppleScript-aware, tracks pet birthdays, syncs data with iCal and Address Book, and more.

Clarus 1.0 is priced at £15 (about US$24.11) and is available for download at the KennettNet Software Web site.



This will be perfect for managing the dog-cow kennel/pasture I am planning on opening. Moof!

parrot cages

Excellent software. This would make management easier. Its a little expensive fore me though.

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