Kensington Launches Laptop Locking Station

Kensington announced Tuesday the release of a new locking station solution for laptops of 13” to 17” in size. The company has released both a locking device that attaches to your laptop that can be bolted to a desk or other service, as well as an option tethering kit that allows you to secure the locking device without the use of bolts.

The first components is called the Kensington Laptop Locking Station, which you can see demonstrated in the first half of the video below. Users can connect their laptops to a keyboard and external display and then lock the computer in place without the use of a key (unlocking the device requires a key).


(K64625WW; SRP )
We’ve made superior security easier than ever with the Kensington Laptop Locking Station. Just give the security arm a squeeze. That’s it! Laptops are secured with far fewer steps and even greater security than a traditional cable lock. Unlocking is fast, too: just turn the key and the arm spring open.

  • All steel backbone and deflector plates resist cutting, drilling and prying
  • High-security disk lock resists bumping and picking
  • No key needed to lock, simply place the laptop on the base and squeeze the arms
  • Station allows laptop to rotate, slide and tilt for optimal positioning and access to laptop ports
  • Easy to install on any desk
  • Master keying available
  • Works with laptops from 13.3” to 17”

The Kensington Laptop Locking Station retails for US$79.99.

The second half of the product release is the optional Kensington Tether Kit for Laptop Locking Station. This device includes a steel tether that users can use to secure their Locking Station to a desk or other strong tethering point, and the tether itself then attaches to the locking station, keeping it secure without using bolts.


  • Requires Kensington Laptop Locking Station
  • High-security disk lock resists bumping and picking
  • Secures laptops without marring or modifying desktops

The Kensington Tether Kit for Laptop Locking Station retails for $29.99

Below is a demonstration video Kensington posted to YouTube.

Kensington promotional and demonstration video