Kensington Rolls Out TrackballWorks Software for Mac OS X

| Product News

Kensington announced the immediate availability of its new TrackballWorks software for its trackball products on Thursday. The software is designed to improve performance and customization for the company’s trackball pointing devices.

TrackballWorks includes controls for customizing button functions, pointer speed and acceleration, and adjusting scroll speed and direction. It is compatible with Mac OS X, 10.4.11, 10.5.6, and 10.6 or higher and supports the SlimBlade Trackball, Expert Mouse, Orbit with Scroll Ring and Orbit Optical Trackball.

TrackballWorks is free and available for download at the Kensington Web site.

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My trackball now gets a second life…


I use USB Overdrive and, for me, works better than the 1.00 I installed.

I uninstalled the USB Overdrive, then installed the TrackballWorks… and after the reboot, the response was jerky and tenuous.  Ugh.  So, reversed the process and dropped back to the USB Overdrive software.  YMMV.

But nice to see Kensington keeping software up to date!


I HATE the new software.  I used to be able to customize button function per application.  Now i cant.  Am i just retarded?


also how do you uninstall it

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