Kids MMO FusionFall Adds Transportation Devices, More

Cartoon Network New Media on Wednesday announced the addition of new content to its kid-oriented MMO Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall, including a shop, Kevin's Hot Rod Rentals, where players can rent hover boards, jet bikes, or even clouds and move around the game world faster. Kevin is a character in Cartoon Network's Ben 10 show.

The game's sweet new rides

FusionFall also now features E.G.G.E.R.s (Egg Generating Gizmo Ejects Rewards), in-game machines from which players can purchase E.G.G.s (Everyone Gets Goods), which contain prizes ranging from gumballs to ultra-rare items. Players can bring those ultra-rare items and other gear to the new Croc Pot Catering Company, where they can combine objects into higher-level gear.

Finally, the Cartoon Network character Cheese, from the show Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, makes his debut in FusionFall with several new missions.  Most of Cartoon Network's stable of characters appear in the game, interacting with players and offering them missions in the never-ending battle against an alien invasion. The game is browser-based and features more than 60 different playable areas. Cartoon Network says the game has over 5.5 million registered accounts.