Kindle for iPad, Other Tablets, On the Way

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Amazon is working on a version of its Kindle ebook reader app for Apple’s iPad as well as other tablet-based computers, and on Monday gave the public a taste of what they can expect when the app ships. Like the Kindle app for the iPhone and iPod touch, the iPad version will sync bookmarks and last page read information with Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader device.

The iPad version of the Kindle app will be designed to take advantage of the device’s larger screen, display color images, let users change background colors and text size, and change screen brightness without leaving the app. It will also include page flipping animations when users swipe their finger across the screen to turn a page.

Barnes & Noble already announced that it is working on a Nook-compatible ebook reader app for the iPad, and Amazon already offers a Kindle reader app for the iPhone and iPod touch, so it’s no surprise that the company is working on an iPad version, too. APple has been touting the iPad as a music, video and ebook device, and will be offering its own iBooks ebook reader and iBookStore where customers can purchase and download titles.

Amazon hasn’t said when its Kindle for iPad app will be available.

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Kindle for iPad (as well as the plethora of me-too tablets that are sure to follow) will be cool for iPad users. Having free (?) available competition to the iBookstore will help keep Apple on their toes.

I feel kinda sorry for Amazon, though. Once people can simply buy a iPad and get both the iBookStore and Kindle on it, the sales for kindle devices - especially for the more expensive model - are probably going to tank. Why pay for a Kindle when you can get a Kindle for free or just for the price of an app?

Then again, is the Kindle (hardware) really designed to generate a lot of profit on its own? Or, is it really sort of a ‘break even’ product intended to make Amazon a lot of money selling eBooks? If that’s the case, then the iPad (which I bet will sell a lot better than then Kindle) may actually help Amazon to sell a whole lot more eBooks.

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