Kindle, Kobo iPhone Apps Drop Store Buttons

The Kobo and Kindle ebook reader apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch lost their in-app purchase option over the weekend thanks to software updates. The change brings the apps into compliance with Apple’s rules prohibiting in-app subscriptions that don’t pass through the App Store.

Customers can still shop for ebooks through the Kobo and Amazon Kindle Web sites, and their purchases will appear in the iOS reader apps.

Amazon's updated Kindle appThe Kindle app with store access (left), and without (right)

Google’s Google Books app disappeared from the App Store over the weekend. The timing has raised questions as to exactly why the ebook reader was pulled, and Apple and Google haven’t offered any comment on the change.

Apple’s own iBooks ebook reader app is the exception to the rul in that it will continue to offer an in-app option to purchase books through the iBookstore.

The Kobo and Kindle apps are free and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.