Kinect Tops iPad as Fastest Selling Consumer Electronics Device

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The Guinness World Records team has crowned Microsoft’s Kinect as the fastest selling consumer electronics device in history, topping even Apple’s popular iPad. Kinect is Microsoft’s motion sensing game controller for the Xbox 360.

Microsoft's Kinect is looking at youKinect sells faster than iPad

Microsoft sold some eight million Kinects during the first 60 days of availability, according to the BBC. “We can confirm that no other consumer electronics device sold faster within a 60-day time span, an incredible achievement considering the strength of the sector,” commented Gaz Davies, Guinness World Records Gamer Edition editor.

Kinect sales have already topped 10 million since they first went on sale in November 2011. In comparison, Apple reported selling about 15 million iPads in about nine months.

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This seems an odd comparison since the Kinect can do nothing on its own. It is a peripheral to the Xbox 360. I wouldn’t consider it a consumer device in the same sense as any type of stand alone product.


Exactly. It’s a $140 add-on. Maybe they should see what the fastest-selling mouse is while they’re at it.


Has any mouse ever sold 8 million in 60 days? And what can I do with an iPad if I never connect it to a computer?


Just a bit disingenuous.

So if that’s your issue, have a sales rep at an Apple Store plug it in in-store to activate it. And never plug it into another computer again if that’s what you want. And guess what: it works!!!

Plug a Kinect in once, unplug it and THEN try to use it…

‘nuff said.

Has any mouse ever sold 8 million in 60 days? And what can I do with an iPad if I never connect it to a computer?


I dunno, guys. I think we are going to see this functionality everywhere in the coming years. Between this and touch we will live in a gesture-based world. Have you tried it? It is actually pretty damn cool.


Comparing a peripheral sale against an iPad is STUPID!!!
So a company sold more nuts than your TV, ooh BIG DEAL!!!!



I’m a really big fan of Apple products (been using them since ‘91), and I’ve all-but loathed a lot of what Microsoft has done and produced, but I think that this is a valid observation. Nobody is really comparing the features and/or benefits iPad and Kinect - just the number of sales. There is nothing wrong with that. Saying that the Kinect isn’t a ‘stand-alone product’ is pointless and silly. It sells by itself and is not exclusively bundled with anything else. If the Kinect is selling like crazy, then Microsoft deserves the kudos for making a very popular piece of tech.

If you feel the need to get nasty in defending the iPad in the face of such comparisons, you need to calm down and get some perspective. Suffice it to say that there are currently no other tablets that are selling anywhere near as well as the iPad, and be happy with that. Eventually, that may change, but it doesn’t matter as long as long as you can keep using the tablet that you prefer.

Now, I personally own a Kinect and I think MS hit one out of the park with it. However, while it is really fun to play with, I think that the Kinect, itself, really is just a toy. (Some may say the same about the iPad. Whatever.) It is may be very popular now, and it will be for quite a while, but eventually it will get replaced by the next big thing in video game interactivity. That being said, the Kinect is just a very small example of what can and will be done with the tech that it’s based on. What the iPad and Kinect have in common is that they are both the first step in what will be serious revolutions in how people interact with computing devices.


Notice, this report comes today…one day BEFORE iPad2 hits the shelves.

A year from now, will this story hold up or even be remembered?


According to Computer Desktop Encyclopedia: Definition

(1) (Consumer Electronics device) Refers to audio and video equipment for the home, including CD and DVD players, stereos, TVs and home theater components.

I was going to say you are silly but apparently this definition describes the Kinect device better than the iPad. So contrary to the arguments above and in-line with noted definition, I would say it is the iPad that does not belong in this category because it is standalone.

It does way more than any of the noted devices or many of their functions combined. Ok let’s face it, its a computer. Fastest selling computer ever…


The kinect shocked me. Not the gizmo, which is astonishing, but from whence it came. M$? Something original? Something that actually worked first time out? 1,2,3 knockout.

If they can do it once, maybe they can do it again. We’ll see how their tablet turns out a few years from now. Maybe dud. Maybe kinect fantastic.

I could see gesture being as big in what it can do as touch does in its sphere of influence, especially round the TV, temperature, lighting, fireplace.

Maybe we’ll see speech commands. Tongue click and then “Channel hockey game in West.” Probably more likely than, “Wife, fetch beer!”


The Kinect is a practical flop!  While millions purchased it and now own it, the vast majority cannot actually regularly use it as it’s intended!  It needs a large area without any obstacles or furniture in it’s way for it to work properly.  Most homes and apartments are too small, or require furniture to be moved just to use the Kinect.  Coffee tables, end tables, sectional sofas, dorm rooms, bedrooms, ottomans, etc….  Microsoft should eventually address this issue with a software update.  But for now, many Kinect units are just sitting there doing nothing.


Is it sold to consumers? Yes.
Is it electronic? Yes.
Is it a device? Yes.

If it was the Magic Trackpad at the top none of you would be arguing.


I would.


I say good on Microsoft! They’ve had a pretty rough stretch of it the past few years (Vista, Kin, etc.) that it is about time they did something like this that is a true success. Good for them!

Records are made to be broken. Some other widget will displace the Kinect eventually. In the meantime, let MS have their time in the spotlight.


I think Apples feat is still more astonishing from a business perspective although it is kind of a hooky comparison. They are not rival products in any way. However, they do occupy the same territory in the Guinness records category. That said, the kinetic is $129 and iPads start at $499. Kind of an important point when your just comparing the sales figures don’t you think? The price difference between the two products starts at $370 and goes up from there. It would be interesting to see which product is more PROFITABLE.


Oh, I’m sure that the iPad is far more profitable, in dollars per unit, since the Kinect actually sells for well less than the profit Apple makes on each iPad. Percentage-wise, I bet Apple is still making more profit.

IIRC, MS makes little to nothing on the XBOX 360, itself, and makes their money up on games licensing. Not 100% positive that’s true, but I believe I’ve read it a few times.

Ross Edwards

Look, I’m solidly in the Apple camp where it comes to Apple-Microsoft partisanship, but I have to concede that the Kinect really is all that and frosting too.  I tried it at a friend’s house and I was sold within minutes.  I will definitely be picking one up in the near future.

The Kinect is no mere Wii pointing device to use during games, but an entirely new type of gesture interface for all purposes.  How long until we can fire off Star Trek TNG commands upon entering a room, like “Computer, lights on, medium level” and have it work?  Or even better, say “Lights” while holding our hand up or down depending on how high we want them turned up?  Love or hate MS, you have to admit the Kinect is a huge step toward making that functionality accessible and ubiquitous at the household level.


I got an X-Box for Christmas. It came with the Kinect. I wonder if the sales numbers include Kinects bundled with X-Boxs or just stand alone Kinects. I also wonder if the sales number represent consumer sales or sales to retailers. I suspect retailer sales. I also don’t understand the comparison. The iPad costs $500. Kinect is around $130. Further, the Kinect was released around the Holidays during the busiest shopping season whereas the iPad was released around summer. The Kinect was also reviewed extensively for months before it actually came out. it was demonstrated at gaming conventions for a while as well. X-Box users with a bit of Wii jealousy were waiting patiently for the device.  So demand was pent up. With the iPad, Apple was faced with why do people need this product reviews.

On a side note, I honestly don’t currently see lots of value to the Kinect. The few games on the market for it are mostly bad (according to reviews, as I have only tried two). I suspect that will change when the product has been out for a while. The upcoming Starwars game looks interesting.

It is cool you can manipulate the X-Box by using gestures instead of the standard controls. However, that feature isn’t implemented throughout the system so it is a bit of a pain. Moreover using the standard control is faster. Microsoft is slowly updating Kinect functions so maybe in the future it will be more useful. Now I think it is mostly a gimmick that can be somewhat entertaining in certain situations. The bundled game is somewhat fun to play with a friend or online.

I was going to get an Apple TV before the X-Box was given to me. Now I can’t justify the purchase because with some third party help the X-Box does sync with my Mac. I also can play Netflix through the X-Box.

Microsoft is lame though because it makes you pay to be a Gold Member to have third party apps like Netflix work. Compare that to Apple TV and Sony’s Online service where those companies understand services like Netflix gives value to the system and these services are freely available. It is not like Netflix content costs Microsoft anything. Further, the whole Microsoft points system is a way to confuse people about how much things cost. There is no other valid reason thing sin dollars.

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