Kirk to HP: Clean Up Your Act, Like Apple

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William Shatner, the actor that originated the role of Captain Kirk in the classic Star Trek series, is apparently unhappy with HP's progress in removing hazardous chemicals from their computer products, so he left a voicemail for the company in conjunction with Greenpeace voicing his concerns. In the message, he urges the company step up its efforts, and hold up Apple as an example of company that has lived up to its environmental promises.

In the message, Mr. Shatner said "You, HP, promised me a toxic free computer by 2009. Now my friends at Greenpeace tell me that I'll have to wait until 2011. What's up with that?"

He added "Please ask your leader, Mark Hurd, to make computers that are free of toxic PVC plastics and brominated flame retardants, just as Apple has done."

The environmental activist group Greenpeace has slammed Apple in the past for using components in its computers that could potentially release toxic substances into the environment. The group later changed its stance and began praising Apple once the company began building computers with safer materials.

Greenpeace is currently upset with HP for committing to phase out toxic chemicals in its PCs, but failing to hit its promised deadline.

The group's efforts to use Mr. Shatner as a voicemail spokesperson, however, may have been undermined by their own actions. The organization also vandalized the company's global headquarters by painting "Hazardous Products" on the building's roof, and then bragged about the incident on its own Web site.




“William Shatner, the actor that originated the roll of Captain Kirk”...

I don’t remember Captain Kirk rolling very much in Star Trek. Did he have a specially distinctive roll, different from the way other actors rolled in their Star Trek roles? (As opposed to Shatner in his Captain Kirk role?)


I saw Shatner on TV lately, he has quite a few “rolls” now in his advancing years.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

I don?t remember Captain Kirk rolling very much in Star Trek.

You weren’t watching the fight scenes. He also liked to clutch his fists together and whack anthropedic aliens in the back.


What does this have to do with Dell?

Vito Positano

While Greenpeace may have painted a timely and helpful sign on a roof, no undermining of HPs environmental promise occurred.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

I’m pretty sure Shatner played Captain Kirk, not Captain Kangaroo.



I need more power!


I’m giving her all she’s got!

Dell Chargers

Apple are one of the best computing suppliers , purely because of their customer service, how ever dell has the monoply


Clean me up, Scotty!

Laptop Parts

Are we talking about computers here or is it that I have spent too many hours continuously working on laptop repair.

Laptop Repair

There is no doubt that we need to be environmentally friendly but not sure how many laptop parts are you concerned here and do you think that there would be no toxins in the laptops in near future?

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