Kodak Debuts Pocket-Size, Waterproof Playsport Video Camera

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Kodak on Wednesday introduced its new Playsport high-definition video camera, which is waterproof up to ten feet underwater and features a pocket-size form factor. Built-in software allows users to edit video clips and upload them to such web sites as YouTube and Facebook via USB.

Playsport also features electronic image stabilization, 1080p HD video capture at 30 fps, a two-inch LCD display, an SD/SDHC slot for memory cards up to 32GB, HDMI output, and the ability to capture five-megapixel still images. Shipping in April, it will be available in black, blue, or purple for US$149.95.


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Nice, Now these little camcorders are starting to be real cool and for the price. Killer.


At that price, I can see buying one at the same time I buy the spring vacation package to Aruba for my family (perhaps not this year yet, as it won’t be available yet). My Canon Vixia will still travel with me, but this little device will be perfectly adequate for those underwater (and overwater) shots.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how good those 1080p images will be. It is rather funny how everyone is now falling over themselves to make 1080 “full HD” camcorders, even though not even the $1500 Sonys, Panasonics, Canons or JVCs can produce image quality and resolution that is any better than 720p format. Obviously, it’s a marketing necessity, since no self-respecting consumer would ever buy the “half-assed” 720p, especially when 1080p devices are out there, regardless of the actual image equality of those devices. So what we end up with is a decent HD video that’s no better than any 720p footage, but with massive files that are at least twice larger than 720p would have been…

Cpt Patriot

Most camera manufactors now offer a water proof compact camera.

I am surprised that one of the top manufactors, Nikon, and a pioneer in the field of introducting 35mm film water proof cameras (three different models) offers a dozen or so pocket digital cameras, but none are water proof, WHY?

I personally prefer to have ONE camera that is “water proof” to use around rain, sand, snow, surf, rivers and sea. They are also more ruggered for dropping etc.

I’d like to see Nikon engeneers add to the competition to see what addition features they might add to stand out, perhaps a video projector….


not even the $1500 Sonys, Panasonics, Canons or JVCs can produce image quality and resolution that is any better than 720p format.

I don?t understand.  1080p is a higher resolution than 720p.  But that doesn?t guarantee high quality images.  Image quality is a result of a combination of things, like how much light there was when shooting, and the condition of the lens.

And let me tell you, most people can?t tell the difference between 720p and 1080p when they see it on their computers or TV sets.  Hell, most people can?t tell the difference between Standard and High Definition.


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