Kodak Files Imaging Patent Lawsuit Against Apple

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Kodak has filed a patent infringement suit against Apple related to digital imaging technology that’s used in the iPhones, iPads and iPods, according to MarketWatch on Tuesday.

Kodak vs. AppleKodak has s portfolio of approximately 1,000 digital imaging patents. This lawsuit relates to U.S. Patent Nos. 7,210,161, 7,742,084, 7,453,605 and 7,936,391. These patents relate primarily to the electronic transmission of images on a network, via e-mail, etc.

HTC was named in a fifth filing.

According to Florian Mueller, a patent expert, Kodak may have ulterior motives for this filing: “Kodak has been trying for some time to find a strategic buyer for its digital imaging patents. Today’s lawsuits are presumably part of the sales and marketing effort for those patents: Kodak seeks to demonstrate that there are still some interesting assets in its portfolio that can be used to sue major wireless device makers.”

Whether Apple decides to fight the patents or just buys the patent portfolio will be interesting to see. It all depends on a potential buyer’s estimate of how valuable the patents are and whether it may be cheaper to just fight them in court and seek for example, a declaratory judgment.



Duh. Of course there is an ulterior motive: they are desperate to avoid bankruptcy! They’re grabbing at the last lifeline, before the current mob of idiots can finally destroy George’s legacy once and for all. I’m sure the C-level execs have it written in their contracts that their golden parachutes are reliant on them selling off the rest of the company’s assets before it goes under, and they skate with the remaining millions. I drive by that husk of a once great manufacturing center every day on the way to work and it never fails to depress me. I hope my dad got a lump-sum retirement payout when he left.

Lee Dronick

Yes FlipFriddle I hate to see such companies go under. My first digital camera was a Kodak and it wasn’t bad, I still have it, but they never found a way to more fully transition to digital.

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