Kogeto Dot Makes Interactive Panoramic Videos on iPhone

LAS VEGAS - One of the more interesting products this reporter saw at CES was Kogeto's Dot, a lens for your iPhone that allows you to make interactive panoramic videos. That might even be innovative enough to leave you scratching your head, so let us show it to you.

First, there's Dot itself, the lens. It attaches to your iPhone with an included holder that you can see in the image below. Notice that the top of the lens is covered by a black top. That's because Dot actually films all around the lens, which is where the panoramic part comes in.

Kogeto Dot

Kogeto Dot

Using the free app, called Looker, you can the use your Dot-equipped iPhone to make a video. The software then processes that video into something viewable, turning it into this interactive panoramic thing we mentioned above.

We chose the example below because it shows the process of the iPhone being set down, which in turn makes it clear how it works.

One can view these movies through the Looker app, but videos can also be posted to Kogeto's Dotspots service for anyone with Flash and a browser to see. As the instructions embedded in the cover frame say, you click to start and then swipe from side to side see the full panoramic view. Once posted on Kogeto's service, videos can be shared with just about any social media network on the planet.

Note, however, that Flash is required for non-Looker users to see the videos. There is no HTML 5 option, and what Kogeto is doing is not any kind of standard. It also requires users to think about videos differently.

Dot has been out for more than a year, but the company was showing a new model for the iPhone 5 at CES. Pitch Black Dot for iPhone 5, 4S, and 4 is priced at US$49. Pitch Black Dot for iPhone 4/4S is still available and priced at $39.