Koingo Software Releases Project Canvas for Presentation Development

Project CanvasKoingo Software announced Friday the release of Project Canvas, a presentation development tool for Mac OS X and Windows. The firm compares it to PowerPoint and HyperCard, and said it can be used to develop presentations, storybooks, interactive tutorials, and games.

Project Canvas uses a cross-platform file format so that Windows users and Mac OS X users can work on the same project. In addition, projects can be exported as a standalone stack that is an executable, meaning it can be viewed without having a copy of Project Canvas on the computer.

Projects can contain an unlimited number of cards and buttons, and buttons can perform a variety of actions. For instance, getting and setting variables, playing movies, and transitioning between cards with visual effects to playing sounds, playing music, speaking text, prompting the user for feedback and numerous other options.

Registered users of Koingo Software's Utility package can add Project Canvas to their version of Utility for US$9.95. The software can be purchased as a standalone application for US$29.95. A 15-day trial is also available.

Project Canvas Screenshot
Project Canvas Screenshot