Koolhaus Games Releases iMP: Surf the Music the iPhone

Koolhaus Games announced Thursday the release of iMP: Surf the Music, an iPhone game where the player collects objects ("bits of funk") in order to build a soundtrack or your own gameplay. Each time the game is played, the soundtrack will be different.

Game features:

  • Original funkadelic soundtrack
  • Addictive game play: The player builds the song by picking up collectables
  • Intuitive tilt controls tailored for the iPhone and iPod Touch
  • A variety of colorful, themed levels that showcase the iMP's crazy world of funk
  • Updates to new level packs coming soon

The game requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later, and works on iPod touch and iPhone, and is priced at US$.99.

iMP: Surf the Music Screenshot
iMP: Surf the Music Screenshot