KRK Ships R6 Passive Studio Monitor for Recording

KRK Systems announced Wednesday that its R6 passive studio monitor is shipping. The new studio speaker solution is intended for the value-priced end of the market, with a price of US$149 each, but the company said it has leveraged design work from its higher-end Rokit product line.

For instance, the curved front baffle was, "engineered to minimize diffraction of high-frequencies, resulting in a sweet spot that is significantly larger than products with square or lightly rounded baffles." In addition, the baffle houses the bass port in such a way that KRK said minimizes low-frequency phase distortion.

More generally, the speaker is intended to mimic the voicing of the higher-end Rokit 6 line of monitors, and features 5-way speaker binding posts, a precision crossover and is capable of handling 100 watts (RMS) of power.

R6 from KRK Systems
R6 Passive Studio Monitor from KRK Systems