Kudos Power Charges Your iPhone without Wires

| Macworld/iWorld Expo

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Kudos Power is showing their Wireless Charging Power Kit at this week’s Macworld Expo, and we took a moment to learn more about this system for the iPhone 4 and 4S from Jerry Escobar, Brand Marketing.

The system consists of two parts. The first is a shock-proof case for your iPhone 4 or 4S, with the case having an integrated 1400 mAH battery, which is nearly the same capacity as the iPhone built-in battery. The rear of the case has battery charge status indicators which, when a small button is pressed, will show the percentage charge of the battery. The case is available in cool grey or red.


Kudos Power Wireless Charging Power Kit

The second part of the system is the charging pad. When you place the case on the charging pad, the integrated battery in the case will start charging using wireless induction technology, meaning you don’t need a cable attached to your phone to charge the battery. There are two indicators on the pad, a Power indicator to make sure it’s receiving power, and a Charging light to show when the base is charging the battery. When the battery is fully charged, the charging circuit will turn off, which is a nice touch since continually charging a battery that is already full can reduce its life.

The Kudos Power Wireless Charging Power Kit will be available in March 2012, and be priced at US$99.


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What am I missing here…. You have to plug in the base station, don’t you?  How wireless is that?


Take note that the wired charging kit has a standby power of less than 1 mAH. That means it barely consumes any power when it is idle. The wireless part about it is: take for instance that you are charging your iphone while you’re sleeping and received a text message, you wouldnt have to worry about getting up to text due to the the shortness of your charging wire. It continues to charge your iphone even after you pick it up from the charging pad through the integrated 1400AH external battery, and thats what makes it wireless.

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