LaCie Announces Terabyte Storage, the Fuel, for iPads

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At CES, LaCie has unveiled its terabyte storage device, the Fuel, for iPads. Because it creates its own Wi-Fi network, no cables are required, and it can share with up to five devices. The price at introduction is US$199.99.


While focused on the iPad as the target, because it's a Wi-Fi device, it can be used by iPhones and Macs. The Fuel operates on an internal battery with a claimed ten hour life.

According to LaCie, "...while the LaCie Fuel doesn't need Internet to work, it can connect to nearby Wi–Fi hotspots. It can then provide Internet access to up to four of your wireless devices." 802.11 b/g/n are supported. The Seagate Media app is required to access the files from an iPad or iPhone.

Credit (all images):  LaCie

The Fuel measures 4.5 x 4.5 x 0.9 inches (115 x 115 x 23 mm). It weighs 9.7 ounces (275 grams). LaCie's Fuel product page lists the item as "Available soon."

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Nice. When do we get a standard for WiFi hard drives with support built right into iOS? It sounds somewhat inevitable if tablets replace computers, given that there is still resistance to moving everything to the cloud.

Next, we need photos imported from my mom’s camera to automatically get put on an external hard drive. If tablet + phone + laptop could all find a wifi hard drive and scoot the photos over behind the scenes that would be awesome.

Lee Dronick

1TB, with WiFi, for $199. We have come a long way price wise.


“1TB, with WiFi, for $199. We have come a long way price wise.”

A 1 TB external drive costs about $75, over the counter. Is the Wi-Fi component really worth the additional $124?

Lee Dronick

My comment was about how much that would have cost 25 years ago. Anyway there is a convienence factor of having the WiFi built in, for some situations, and some people would be willing to pay for that.


I paid over $1000 for my first external hard drive that had a capacity dwarfed by the smallest thumb drive today.

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