LaCie Intros 2TB Wireless NAS

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LaCie introduced its new Wireless Space 1TB and 2TB network attached storage devices on Thursday. The hard drive-based storage systems connect to user’s networks via Wi-Fi and also support Apple’s Time Machine backup feature.

LaCie’s Wireless Space NAS

The Wireless Space suports 802.11 b, g and n networks, works as an NAS file server, supports streaming videos and music via iTunes, streams multimedia content to UPnP/DLNA compatible devices, and can serve as a wireless network router, too.

LaCie’s Wireless Space is priced starting at US$229.99. It is available in Europe now, and will be available in the U.S. in October.

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And data recovery companies rejoice… More business for them.


Will wait for user’s feedback/review on this product—but am excited, like and use LaCie.

Lee Dronick

Will wait for user?s feedback/review on this product?but am excited

Yes, it sounds interesting.


Argh!  I just finished running ethernet to the garage!

Lee Dronick

Argh!? I just finished running ethernet to the garage!

Would you have a speed advantage with ethernet?

What I find handy about external drives accessible over WiFi is when say I am working out on the patio. Currently I have a hard drive and some printers connected to my AirPort Extreme and that works pretty well so at this time I probably don’t need this LaCie drive. However, sooner or later my sister or someone else will want help setting up an external drive.


And data recovery companies rejoice? More business for them.

Now THAT is funny smile  Needed a good laugh smile  and can relate!

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