Lantronix Adds USB Support with xPrintServer - Home Edition

NEW YORK CITY — Lantronix introduced on Thursday an addition to its xPrintServer product line that TMO first reported on at Macworld|iWorld 2012.  At this week’s Digital Experience! trade show, Mark D. Tullio, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, gave us a demonstration of this new product.

Looking at the xPrintServer - Home Edition, the first difference we noticed, compared to the original product is that, in addition to an RJ-45 Ethernet port, this device also has a USB port.  That’s because it can now offer AirPrint services for printers, such as many inkjet printers, that use a USB port to provide connectivity.

 xPrintServer - Home Edition Now with USB

The user experience, when connecting to the xPrintServer with your iDevice, is identical to that of the original xPrintServer, in that once you connect to the device via Wi-Fi, and choose to print a document, it will appear just as any AirPrint printer.  The only hint that anything is different is that you’ll see “Auto Discovered (USB)” near the name of the printing device.

xPrintServer - Home Edition Sees a USB Inkjet Printer

The key differences between the new Home Edition product, and the original Network Edition are as follows.  Home can share USB printers, whereas Network can’t.  Home supports up to 2 network printers, whereas Network can support unlimited (10 recommended) network printers.  Network offers Printer Access Management, and Home doesn’t.

xPrintServer - Home Edition is available for pre-order (shipping in 3-4 weeks) and is priced at US$99.95.